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Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. This is how you can help: Ask btc-e to add DOGE to their exchange: I don't even know what these doge and panda threads are about.

I'm not a BTC holder or belieber. DOGE managed to trade it's market cap in 24hrs, which is pretty amazing. Might as well sell me your coins for whatever I'll dogecoin wtf gift cards you for them. It's probably a good time to buy if you plan to be a little patient.

Dogecoin basically has nowhere to go but up. You can get a lot for dogecoin wtf gift cards little, so there's not much risk in buying. I don't see how "nowhere to go but up" is anything but accurate.

It's on par with LTC at this point. It's not outside the realm of possibility, but I think it's pretty damn unlikely, considering dogecoin wtf gift cards going to be about billion Doge in existence by the year's end.

Ten cents is a more realistic expectation if Doge really catches on. I genuinely want to hear your reasoning on this. BTC is gonna take some more leg work, but if we're trading at LTC levels in 3 months then what levels will we be trading at in 6, or 9, or 12? It can go a lot further. No altcoin will ever reach that ever again as cryptos finds its true place in the world. Is MtGox allowing people to trade out at the mo? It's all the way down to ?

Heres what i think this is my honest opinion. Crypto currency is silly internet money. Even though were in a illusion fantasy world right now because of this pump of bitcoin giving it some sort of legitimacy for the short term. But the market cap wont be anywhere near 9 billion. I've doubled my doge in the last month, so it's not impossible.

Anybody uses MultiDoge here? I'm a total ignorant pleb when it comes to crypto-currencies, and I can't help but wonder whether the coins I obtain through mining will even cover the electricity bills. Can anyone shed some light on this? You can check out coinwarz for a breakdown of profitability amongst the major altcoins.

What are your predictions for the future? I think I'll just get mining Dogecoin and do some proper research into crypto-currencies as a whole before making a big move. Just lurk around and follow our antics and you'll pick up on what the general community is up to. I'm in it for the lulz though My 2 cents. How do you exactly believe that DOGE dogecoin wtf gift cards go to the moon?

Will Jackson Palmer change his mind overnight from altruist dreamer to business jew shark? Jackson dogecoin wtf gift cards his best buddy made this, they're pretty committed to it remaining lighthearted. Jackson said no matter how much money he's offered, if the people fronting up the cash don't understand the altruist nature of it, then he won't sell. Just what exactly can he sell, anyway? Jackson and laika, the creators, are pretty hands off at the moment as their personal lives are busy.

But for Jackson to sell out, he'd have to lose his best buddy. What's the hold-up, though? Like I said before, I'm an ignorant pleb, so I don't know what could possibly take so long to load.

Considering Doge has been one of the most highly traded altcoins for the past month or so I think the ride is finally over. Always check that you have the latest version of the wallet. Backup your wallet data frequently, especially after an update. Some of us also do it after a major transaction. Save the backup in a few places.

Dogecoin wtf gift cards importantly, use the encryption option and for Doge's sake, don't forget the password. You've been real helpful. I want to buy a gift cards and shit with it so I don't have to deal with going through exchanges. I have two rather dogecoin wtf gift cards ATI video cards. I'm guessing I can't use these to mine with? It's a 70 million dollar market baby. If its an instant number I'll get all over this, I fucking want a pizza right now. They are cool, dealt with them before.

They're not even on the hardware comparison list. I'm guessing it's CPU only for me. I wouldn't mind being able to buy alcohol with dogecoin.

As someone not all that versed in this stuff, I find myself just staring at my console, hoping that things are going alright. I guess if I have a dogecoin or two by the end of the day, things are indeed alright. How long does treats. It may take longer than usual. Guess you better sell everything and buy back later right? Feel free to use the icon in anything Doge-related!

Larger version for future OP use. Do you guys only mine, or do you also actively buy and sell coins? Considering my PC is kindof a piece of crap, mining will only result in a net loss for me, so I'm thinking I'm better off teaching myself technical analysis and going to town trading actively. Doge party at Wall Street http: Sometimes it works really well, but it's dogecoin wtf gift cards gamble I mostly buy and sell and goy my dogecoin wtf gift cards up the ladder.

Though doge is holding fairly steady. Dogecoin wtf gift cards boy, I just had my very first half a Doge coin confirmed! Unless you're fronting up serious cash. We will all dogecoin wtf gift cards it to the moon. My PC is so shitty I might as well be mining coins on my toaster, and I'm too much of a little bitch to cough up 1k bucks for a proper machine. Doge was profitable to mine a few weeks ago, but not anymore. Will I be able to buy a house in two years?

They hop from coin to coin in an arbitrary circle of sorts, whichever is most profitable at that point? Seems like a clever enough ploy, but when you say 'profitable' are you referring to the potentional dogecoin wtf gift cards the coins can go, or do you mean the direct generated value set against the electricity bills? Look what happened to doge. There are coins that fail terribily coinye for exampleand coins that make it to the moon doge.

What did you have for breakfast? I must apologize that I'm not very active in doge threads right now. PND is pretty time consuming.

What's up with it? Ok guys, what the fuck with the Jamaican bobsleigh team? Nobody talked about the doge dogecoin wtf gift cards. Ben Bernanke is no longer the chair of Federal Reserve. Dogecoin wtf gift cards problem with the cooling system has been detected.

Please turn the computer off immediately, and return it for service. Are you a real human bean? It's smarter to wait in between big fundraisers anyway, otherwise we're gonna bleed everyone dry in the first 6 months. More importantly, read Jackson's post here: Are you as badly paid in Germany as the rest of Europe says? Like your boss can force anything they want in term of hours amount and wage by hours in your contract. Sound bad for me as I'm used to have a minimum wage forced by the government to companies.

Sorry if I annoy you with all this, just curious tough. We just ran the biggest Ruse Cruise on 4chan to date. What should I be mining at the moment?

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Still trying to wrap your head around Dogecoin? Learn how it works, how to get your hands on DOGE and whether the joke currency is worth your investment. Media Coverage list of cryptocurrencies and prices. Crypto dogecoin Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. Turning Bitcoin into Cash. Breed your rarest cats to create the purrfect furry friend. The future is meow!